MCT Final Projects 2016-17

AIT is excited to congratulate 10 new Master Choreography Technique graduates over the 2016-17 season.

MCT is an advanced certified training program for coaches. It provides a deep learning experience in the process of TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, and FORM as it applies to the education of choreography. Whether you are developing high competitive or professional programs these techniques educate you in developing the ART of the sport This program is intended for both the seasoned professionals and those looking to specialize in a career as a choreographer. Classes held on-line with lectures, demonstrations and choreography homework. Semester runs 18 weeks. 

Attached below are the final video projects of each grauate. The fall 2016 MCT graduates include includes Su Jackson Wagner (Knoxville):

John Mucko (Boston)

Devon Dillon (Malden, MA)

Meg Rinaldi-Young (Newport, RI)

(Vitale Vaugin (Passau, Germany)

and Nancy Pluta (Glendale, AZ)

The graduating class in the spring 2017 include

Erin Egelhoff (Cincinatti, Ohio)

Liz Schmidt (San Francisco)

Katalin Szucs (Hungary)

Katie Welsh (Greensborro NC)

Altogether 10 new graduates have been added to the list of AIT Certified Choreographers – a list that now stands at over 55 people!

For more information on how to enroll in MCT for the fall of 2017, go here

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