American Ice Theatre Rings in New Year with New Leadership

Garrett Kling & Kate McSwain Appointed Co-Acting Executive Directors/CEOs of AIT

BOSTOaitN, MA, January 8, 2019 — 2019 will be a monumental year for American Ice Theatre (AIT) — a global contemporary skating company that supports artistic skating education and performance — as new leadership, events, and performances outline the year ahead.

AIT Founder Jodi Porter decided to take a 5-year sabbatical to devote time to family, and she has appointed a new leadership team to manage all operations of the company:

  • Garrett Kling and Kate McSwain will be the Co-Acting Executive Directors/CEOs
  • Chiquita Limer, Director of AIT NYC, will serve as Vice President of Business Operations;
  • Stephanie Chace Bass, Co-Director of AIT Utah, will be Marketing/PR Director;
  • Rachel Peterson, Co-Director of AIT Utah, will be Business Development Director; and
  • Annette Thomas (Founder and Director of “Ballet for Figure Skaters”) will continue to serve as Education Chair.

“I believe together [the new leadership] will be a robust team to take AIT forward into the next phase of artistic skating,” Porter said.

Co-CEOs Kling and McSwain already have expanded plans for the year including the American Contemporary Skating Festival, nationwide AIT seminars, the first annual AIT artistic-based summer CORE Camp, online educational courses for coaches and choreographers, as well as performances in multiple locations including Palm Springs, Boston, Chicago, Salt Lake City, New York City, and Minneapolis.

“I’m so grateful to Jodi Porter for this incredible opportunity to help with this globally growth-focused chapter ahead for American Ice Theatre,” McSwain said. “I couldn’t ask for a better partner in Garrett Kling as we take on our new roles in 2019.”

“Jodi has been Kate’s and my mentor for many years and we are honored and thrilled to use the tools she’s given us to impact the next generation of artistic skaters,” Kling said. “I’m so excited to have Kate’s enthusiasm and passion alongside me as we move forward the artistic skating movement.”

This summer starts with the third annual American Contemporary Skating Festival which will take place in Boston, June 6-9, offering choreographers, coaches and professional skaters from all over the world a weekend to learn, teach, create and perform contemporary skating.

AIT is also excited to announce the first annual CORE Camp in collaboration with the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie, WI. CORE Camp will be an artistic-focused summer skating camp aimed for skaters of all levels and disciplines from July 18-20 outside the Chicago area.

Ongoing educational opportunities include online courses with Annette Thomas, Founder of Ballet for Figure Skaters, with certification courses in areas such as alignment, classical ballet, and injury prevention to coaches, choreographers and dance teachers. Master Choreography Techniques, an online class integrating dance history and choreography pedagogy for figure skating, will offer a spring semester and be led by Kling and McSwain.

Kling and McSwain will continue to travel across the country and conduct AIT nationwide seminars, teaching AIT’s philosophy of inclusion, acceptance, and passion through contemporary skating movement for all ages and skill levels.

Annette Thomas supports this transition for AIT saying, “With their finger on the pulse of what is at the forefront in the skating world, their innovation and fresh ideas will be welcomed, not only here in the US but worldwide.”

Chiquita Limer, Vice President, said, “I feel so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity especially coming from Indonesia where the skating community is very small and they haven’t been exposed with contemporary skating. I believe I can learn so much and share to a bigger part of the skating world.”