2020 YAS Season

YAS 2020 Finalist Selection Committee

Last February, this committee selected the #YA2020 6 Finalists from the pool of YAS applicants from all over the world. They view the application videos, and carefully choose the choreographers who will compete in each season of YAS.

YAS 2020 Finalists Bios


Kjerstyn Hall

Giulia Isceri

Adriene Ott

Isabelle Ragnarsson

Brooke TUFTS

Our Star-Studded Judging Panel

#YAS2020 Regular Judges:

#YAS2020 Rotating Judges:

Founder of YAS Choosing a “Weekly Favorite:”

yas 2020 Finalists Interview with Audrey Weisiger


Challenge 1 – Call of the Wild: Friday, September 18

Animals move through four types of environments: aquatic (water), terrestrial (on ground), fossorial (underground), aerial (air). Skaters will pick one or a combination of these types of locomotion to create a piece based on the movement of an animal. 

Sponsored by: Jackson Ultima

Challenge 2 – Eye Witness: Friday, September 25

Create a piece based on a powerful memory, from the point of view of being the witness or storyteller. The story is open ended – may be fictional or historical, personal or created, literal or abstract.

Sponsored by: Edges that Echo with Amber Leigh Anderson

Challenge 3 – Clean Sweep: Friday. October 2

Create a piece with a prop used to clean, dust, vacuum (no electric devices), mop, sweep, rake, brush, etc. There may be multiple props used in the piece. We encourage the skaters to use the prop/s in an unconventional way! 

Sponsored by: Champion Skating Harness

Challenge 4 – Not By Sight: Friday, October 9 

Create a solo piece with the skater’s sight impaired by a fabric, cloth, bandana, etc. The blindfold should impair sight completely (no see-through material). As the focus becomes less on skating skill and finesse, think about how the sight impairment can guide and inform your choreography as the other senses take over.

Sponsored by: Ballet for Figure Skaters

Challenge 5 – The Eight Efforts: Friday, October 16

Create a piece based on Laban’s Eight Efforts: Choose at least three of the eight efforts to create a phrase of movement for each effort chosen: Punch / Slash / Dab / Flick / Press / Wring / Glide / Float 

Sponsored by: The Princess and Her Frog Etsy Shop


You can follow the judges feedback videos by viewing our 2020 Young Artists Showcase YouTube Playlist. You can can also check out the Detailed Challenge Star Tallies with specific scores from each Regular and Guest Judges, Audrey Weisiger’s Weekly Favorite Pick, and deductions for each challenge.

Young Artists Showcase 2020: Final Star Tally

Challenge 1Challenge 2Challenge 3Challenge 4Challenge 5Total
Giulia Isceri52.55266.565.570306.5
Adriene Ott58.565.561.56453302.5
Kjerstyn Hall475949.57170296.5
Isabelle Ragnarsson5572425460.5283.5
Steven Grant5959.557.55148.5275.5
Brooke Tufts45.5474565.567270

American Ice Theatre / Young Artists Showcase Awards

  • Best Choreography Piece: This is awarded to the YAS Finalist who created the most exceptional, standout piece of skating choreography from the entire season. This piece must exhibit a truly momentous and riveting choreographic overall performance.
  • Best Diverse Body of Choreographic Work: This is awarded to the YAS Finalist who demonstrated the most diverse range of dance styles, music genres, and movement vocabulary in their choreography choices over the course of the five challenges.
  • Most Innovative Piece: This is awarded to the YAS Finalist who showcased the most unique, out-of-the-box movements and choreographic choices that effectively exemplified ‘innovation on ice.’

yas 2020 Sponsors

Thank you to our #YAS2020 sponsors! We are so appreciative of your support of artistic skating, and look forward to continuing to partner with you in the future.