AIT New York City

AIT New York City: Company History

Founded by Chiquita Limer in 2017 and based in New York City, Limer started exploring dance choreography on the ice along with fellow coaches and friends and using her Masters in Dance as inspiration. After sharing a series of ice combo videos on social media platforms, she decided to organize the company, which included members Jordan Bailey, Kata Junninen, Chia-hui Cheng, Maia Brown, Nathan Tarrosa, Jake Canton, and Taylor Wismeg. In 2021, Jordan Bailey, took up the baton as the Director of AIT NYC by continuing to produce contemporary skating work and educate the New York City skating community on our AIT values. Bailey’s background in theatre, dance, choreography, film, and performance set her up to be a strong leader on our American Ice Theatre leadership team.

AIT NYC’s movement philosophy is inspired by community, diversity, culture, and contemporary embodiment.

AIT NYC U.S. Open 2019 Performance Teaser

AIT NYC Seminars & Classes

Thank you so much for joining us at the AIT NYC Summer Seminar. Information about our Fall Seminar will be coming soon.

For additional information on upcoming seminars and classes, check out our NYC events on the AIT Calendar as well!

AIT NYC Performances

Our AIT NYC 2022-23 season is now finished! We look forward to performing in the NYC area again next season. If you’re interested in having us perform at your rink or club show, reach out to


AIT NYC Professional Performance Company

  • Join us! To apply to be an AIT Boston Company member for the upcoming season, please fill out the interest form. *Requirements: Must be 17 years old and have passed USFS Junior Moves in the Field for Professional Company or 13-16 and passed USFS Novice MIF for Junior Company. For all requirements please read our AIT Performance Company webpage.
  • Our mission is to bring artistic contemporary skating performances to the metro area performing in a variety of venues such as winter carnivals, club shows, and outdoor lakes. AIT NYC is not a competitive USFS ice theatre team.
  • AIT NYC Company members will learn 1-2 choreographic pieces to perform throughout the season. Rehearsals are on an as-needed basis depending on the performance schedule.
  • Review additional information regarding AIT Performance Companies.

If you are interested in joining the AIT Boston Performance Company, please fill out this interest form and we will get back to you.


Support AIT NYC

  • We welcome any level donations to support our education and performance initiatives for skaters in the New York City area. Please consider donating through our Donate & Support page for AIT NYC projects and performances!