AIT New York City

AIT New York City: Company History

Led by Chiquita Limer and based in New York City, AIT NYC began in 2017 when Limer, along with fellow coaches and friends, started exploring dance choreography on the ice.

After sharing a series of ice combo videos on social media platforms, she decided to organize the company, which now includes members Jordan Bailey, Ryah Mesch, Danielle Cinone, Kristiana Zuccarini, Nathalie Borgella, Vitalii Sazonets, Matt Thomas, Dmitri Serebrenik, and Ziad Khedr.

Limer describes the company’s movement philosophy as inspired by community, diversity, culture and contemporary embodiment.

AIT NYC Seminars & Classes

  • Join us! Open rehearsals every Wednesday through May 13, 2020, from 12 pm – 2 pm at Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink in Great Neck. Rink admission is $10.
AIT NYC Open Rehearsals on Wednesday mornings in Great Neck
A recent open rehearsal – skate with us!

AIT NYC Performances – 2019

Support AIT NYC

  • We’re traveling to the US Open in California in April 2019! Support our GoFundMe campaign to help with travel and ice time costs.
AIT NYC U.S. Open 2019 Performance Teaser
AIT NYC U.S. Open 2019 Performance Teaser