Choreography by Chance

AIT Boston Professional Company

Choreo by chance

For this performance, we are trying a modern dance technique – created by Merce Cunningham – called ‘Choreography by Chance.’ At the end of this video YOU — the audience — can choose to watch one of three different choreography sections to go with each song.

Each song has a name: Art, Risk, and Experience. Every time you select a new section, the choreography will be on a new piece of music. Notice how the movement goes with each style of music in a different way! Let’s experience the spontaneous risk of creating art – in the moment – together.

AIT Boston Professional Company skaters: Cheri Donnelly, Kristina Ruiz, Brittany Ballard, Johanna Geary, Toby Evett, Gillian Robidas, Kelly Annese, Hilary Clausius, Jade Lee.

Filmed by On Ice Perspectives

Choreography by Kate McSwain

Art Music by Dardust
Risk music by Son Lux
Experience music by Ludivuco Einaudi
Intro music by Antonio Sánchez

Speaking voice: Maja Luther