1. Garrett—- Sent you an email. Let me know how you are doing and continue the conversation with me. I would like to give you some feed back on this wonderful site. Feel free to call me at 401-316-4819 Ray

  2. She was a legend to me and other middle school girls at the Olympic Ice Arena in Harbor City, where we took her ballet class in the 1970s. She put a giant weight chart on the wall and chewed out those of us who were in the triple digits, I was 5ā€™2ā€ and 113, and she screamed at me publicly about this. It took decades to undo the damage she caused. I am no proponent of the fat acceptance movement, believe me, but shaming a 12 year old girl for being 113 is beyond the limits of how decent people should behave.

    Iā€™m glad she had a long life, but feel sorry for the hundreds of other little girls she imposed her delusions of perfection on.

  3. I think my life has changed today, just now, because of stumbling my way to this article. I’ve been floundering for so long (que sadfaced fish who’s SOOO close to the fish bowl… but can’t quite reach it) and I found this.


    I look forward to meeting you one day. So now I begin.

  4. Thanks for the great article. There is and has been many alternatives to competitive skating… However the time is now to SUPPORT those outlets before the general public puts skating to rest for good. Now is the time for #revolution