2021 YAS Season

YAS 2021 Finalists

  • Maddie Aybar – Chicago, IL
  • Jacqueline Benson – Phoenix, AZ
  • Ola Czyzewski – Chicago, IL
  • Sonja Hilmer – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Kata Junninen – Espoo, Finland
  • Karen Siedenberg – Everett, WA

Meet the Finalists alongside YAS Founder, Audrey Weisiger, in this interview on our #YAS2021 YouTube Playlist.

YAS 2021 Finalist Selection Committee

This past February, this committee selected the 6 Finalists for #YAS2021 from the pool of 24 YAS applicants from all over the world. They view the application videos, and thoughtfully choose the choreographers who will compete in each season of YAS.

yas 2021 Regular Judges

Our weekly, regular judges for #YAS2021 will be:

yas 2021 Guest Judges

Our rotating, guest judges for #YAS2021 will be:

YAS 2021 total score

 Maddie AybarJacqueline BensonOla CzyzewskiSonja HilmerKata JunninenKaren Siedenberg
Challenge 1606650566261
Challenge 261.556.551.56169.555
Challenge 3      
Challenge 4      
Challenge 5      
TOTAL SCORE FOR YAS 2021121.5122.5101.5117131.5116

YAS 2021 Challenges

YAs 2021 challenge Scores

Individual Scores from Judges

CHALLENGE 1: ICE CUBE ARTMaddie AybarJacqueline BensonOla CzyzewskiSonja HilmerKata JunninenKaren Siedenberg
Drew Meekins10.514.57.512.58.510
Simone Grigorescu14.511.511.511.51415
Jenn Edwards & Philip McDermott11.59.511.51013.512
Sarah Kawahara11149101513
Jeremy Abbott12.511.510.5121111
Audrey Weisiger’s Favorite Pick 5    
CHALLENGE 2: PRESCRIBED PATTERNSMaddie AybarJacqueline BensonOla CzyzewskiSonja HilmerKata JunninenKaren Siedenberg
Drew Meekins11.512.5101214.512
Simone Grigorescu12.58.59121411.5
Jenn Edwards & Philip McDermott111099128.5
Phillip Mills121410.591511
Kurt Browning14.511.513141412
Audrey Weisiger’s Favorite Pick   5  
TOTAL SCORE FOR CHALLENGE 261.556.551.56169.555

yas 2021 Sponsors

Thank you to our #YAS2021 sponsors! We are so appreciative of your support of artistic skating, and look forward to continuing to partner with you in the future.