2023 young artists showcase application is open!

The YAS 2023 Application is NOW AVAILABLE and due on Friday, January 27, 2023 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. We look forward to the upcoming season!

If you want to see videos and scores from our previous YAS season, you can view all info for the 2022 season on our 2022 YAS Season Page and our 2022 YAS YouTube Playlist.


The Young Artists Showcase (YAS) is an online figure skating choreography competition originally founded in 2010 by Olympic Coach Audrey Weisiger with sponsorship and support from Doug Mattis and Sheila Thelen. YAS was created to give young choreographers a platform to create new work, offer them exposure to elite coaches and choreographers in the figure skating world, and connect them with other like-minded artists.

In its first 6 seasons, YAS kick-started the careers of many leading young skating choreographers all over the world, including past winners: Tommy SteenbergAdam BlakeMark HanrettyZabato BebeAnna Cobb, and Stephanie Chace Bass.

On hiatus since 2015, YAS has resumed under the auspices of AIT and will continue with Audrey Weisiger’s guidance and input every Spring.

From the pool of YAS applicants, 6 choreographers will be chosen by the AIT/YAS Selection Committee to compete in the competition each spring.

The 5 YAS challenges — with detailed requirements laid out for each challenge — will be sent to the 6 selected choreographers approximately one month prior to the first video deadline of the competition. The challenges will be judged based on the judging criteria for the YAS and Q4C competitions.

2022 YAS Winner, Cameron Claire
2022 YAS Winner, Cameron Claire