AIT Boston

AIT Boston: Company History

AIT Boston was created by Co-Founders, John Mucko and Kate McSwain in 2015 beginning with seminars in Bridgewater, MA as well as the first AIT Boston Company performances in 2016. Kate McSwain is currently the Director of AIT Boston.

Since then, AIT Boston continues to hold regular seasonal seminars all across the greater Boston area with past guest artists including Elin Schran, Sean Marshinski, and Garrett Kling. Additional educational opportunities include the annual American Contemporary Skating Festival located in Somerville, MA — an international event that brings in coaches, choreographers, and professional skaters from all over the globe to create, collaborate, compose, communicate, and connect. In addition, every spring, John Mucko, leads a 10-week AIT education series for skaters of all ages and levels in Rockland, MA.

AIT Boston also presents professional company performances each year. The AIT Boston performance company season begins with rehearsals in February & March; performances at multiple area club shows through May; special performances at the Riverwalk Resort in Loon Mountain, NH, occasional outdoor rink performances, and a final season performance at the Festival Showcase in Somerville, MA.

Co-Founders, Mucko and McSwain, both directly trained with AIT Founder, Jodi Porter, and are excited to continue her vision of the development of artistic skating through education, performance, and outreach in the Boston area.

“Walls” performed by AIT Boston Professional Company at the 2022 American Contemporary Skating Festival in Boston, MA

AIT Boston Seminars & Classes

  • Monday, January 30, 2023
  • 7:30-9:00 PM
  • Kendall Square Outdoor Ice Rink, 300 Athenaeum St, Cambridge, MA 02142
  • Registration Fee: $10
  • Skaters ages 18+ and Levels Intermediate MIF+
  • This event will be led by Kate McSwain & Jimmy Morgan.

Let’s connect as professionals, coaches, choreographers & colleagues with some skating and improv!

  • Date: Sunday, February 12
  • Time: 11:45 AM – 1:45 PM
  • Location: Somerville Ice Arena, 570 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA
  • Registration Fee: $40
  • Led by Kate McSwain & Jimmy Morgan
  • This seminar is open to skaters ages 8+ and levels Freeskate 1+.

For additional information on upcoming seminars and classes, check out our Boston events on the AIT Calendar as well!

AIT Boston Upcoming Performances

Our 2023 AIT Boston Professional Company season of performances will begin in the winter. Stay tuned!


2019 AIT Boston Company Performers

AIT Boston Performance Company

Perform with AIT Boston

  • Join us! To apply to be an AIT Boston Company member for the upcoming season, please fill out the interest formTo apply to be an AIT Boston Company member for the upcoming season, please fill out the interest form. *Requirements: Must be 18 years old and have passed USFS Senior Moves in the Field for Professional Company or 13-17 and passed USFS Novice MIF for Junior Company. For additional requirements please read our AIT Performance Company webpage.
  • Our mission is to bring artistic contemporary skating performances to the metro area performing in a variety of venues such as winter carnivals, club shows, and outdoor lakes. AIT Boston is not a competitive USFS ice theatre team.
  • AIT Boston Company members will learn 1-2 choreographic pieces to perform throughout the season. Rehearsals are on an as-needed basis depending on the performance schedule.
  • Spots are not guaranteed and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Review additional information regarding AIT Performance Companies.

The full 2022-23 AIT Boston Professional Company: Brittany Ballard, Abby Pierce, Toby Evett, Johanna Geary, Amanda Greel, Kelly Annese, Julia Rapela, Hilary Clausius, Gillian Robidas, and Kat Vitaro.

If you are interested in joining the AIT Boston Performance Company, please fill out this interest form and we will get back to you.

AIT Boston Repertoire

  • Videos of previous AIT Boston Performance Company pieces:
    • 2016: “Heartfelt”
      • Choreographed by John Mucko and Kate McSwain
      • Music by Beyonce and Halsey
      • Performers: Amanda Greel, Brittany Fitzhugh, Jessica Ricketts, Lily Green, Nikki Montanaro, Ashley Knight, Breanna Corey
    • 2018: “Turn to Stone
      • Choreographed by Kate McSwain
      • Music by Ingrid Michaelson
      • Performers: Will Blumberg, Amanda Greel, Jessica Ricketts, Julia Rapela, Kat Vitaro, Gillian Robidas, Alanna Kubik
      • Video by On Ice Perspectives
    • 2019: “Doomed
      • Choreographed by Kate McSwain
      • Music by Moses Sumney
      • Performers: Sydney Kosiak, Jessica Ricketts, Kat Vitaro, Toby Evett, Shayna Smith, Ella Stanwood, Berlin Sohn
      • Video by On Ice Perspectives
    • 2021:
      • “Changed”
        • Choreographed by Kate McSwain
        • Music by Ellie Goulding
        • Professional Company Performers: Brittany Ballard, Kelly Annese, Abby Pierce, Alexa DerBoghosian, Kjerstyn Hall, Kat Vitaro, Ben Jones, Johanna Geary, Sadie Pressman, Katie Tetzloff, Hilary Clausius, and Toby Evett
        • Video by On Ice Perspectives
      • “Evermore”
        • Choreographed by Kate McSwain
        • Music by Taylor Swift
        • Junior Company Performers: Amelia Costa, Naomi Williams, Kate Doolan, and Megan Abbott
        • Video by On Ice Perspectives
    • 2022:
      • “Walls”
        • Choreographed by Kate McSwain
        • Music selections from Hjaltalin
        • Professional Company Performers: Brittany Ballard, Kelly Annese, Abby Pierce, Kat Vitaro, Amanda Greel, Johanna Geary, Hilary Clausius, Toby Evett, Gillian Robidas, and Julia Rapela
        • Video by On Ice Perspectives
      • “Now or Never”
        • Choreographed by Jimmy Morgan
        • Music by Manizha
        • Junior Company Performers: Amelia Costa, Kate Doolan, Anissa Leung, Kyla Dolan, and Molly Krupat
        • Video by On Ice Perspectives

AIT Boston Director, Kate McSwain, choreographing

Support AIT Boston

  • We welcome any level donations to support our education and performance initiatives for skaters in the Boston area. Please consider donating through our Support page or by directly making a PayPal payment to
AIT Boston Fall 2018 Seminar “Falling in Love with Contemporary Skating”