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Upcoming Artistic Skating Seminars at Non-AIT Satellite Locations

AIT New Hampshire Social Distance winter seminar

Info coming soon.

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American Ice Theatre is pleased to offer upcoming contemporary and artistic skating seminars. These are scheduled around the country, some through our AIT Satellite Locations and others at the invitation of various rinks and clubs.

Our seminars are open to skaters of nearly all ages and levels. Browse the list below or view our calendar for the complete schedule and find a seminar near you. Or, learn how to bring an AIT seminar to your area!

Upcoming Seminars at AIT Satellite Locations

Throughout the year, our AIT satellite locations offer seasonal contemporary skating seminars. These are open to skaters ages 8+ and level Freeskate 1 and above.

Upcoming AIT Boston Seminar

Upcoming AIT MSP Seminar

Pausing to Reflect

  • AIT MSP Winter Seminar info is coming soon!

Upcoming AIT Chicago Seminar


  • AIT Chicago Seminar info is coming soon!

Upcoming AIT NYC Seminar

AIT NYC seminars have been cancelled due to COVID-19

Want more educational opportunities with AIT? View our calendar or learn how to bring an AIT seminar to your area!

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