Quest for Creativity


Watch all the 2023 Quest for Creativity videos on our YouTube Playlist. Submissions for Q4C 2024 will be open next spring. We can’t wait to see your creative work!

To view the scores and judges’ bios from Q4C 2023, visit our Q4C 2023 Season webpage.

Quest for Creativity (Q4C) is a one-time choreography video submission opportunity founded by Audrey Weisiger alongside Young Artists Showcase to offer an additional online choreography competition platform to young skating choreographers.

Q4C is for skaters under the age of 21 who want to pursue choreography and are able to commit to sending in one video of either a solo piece or an ensemble piece under 4 minutes of their own work. If the choreographer chooses to enter both solo & ensemble categories, they will submit one video for each category. The video must be one, full creative piece — not a choreographic resume or reel.

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After the submission deadline, a committee of experienced skating and dance choreographers will select their favorite video from all submissions. The video with the most votes from the selection committee will be notified by May 15. The winner will be named the “Emerging Choreographer” at CORE Camp in July and have the opportunity to create an ensemble piece on 5-10 skaters while onsite at Camp.

Want more information? Review our YAS & Q4C Frequently-Asked Questions or read on for more details on this year’s Q4C competition.

Quest for Creativity Competition: Details

Q4C 2023 Dates & Deadlines

  • Due Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2024
  • Winner Announced: Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Q4C Eligibility

You must be 21 or under (as of May 1, 2024) to participate in Q4C. There is no age minimum. If you’re older than 21, consider applying to participate in the Young Artists Showcase instead.


  • 1 Solo Choreographic Piece (can be the choreographer skating OR another performer)
  • 1 Ensemble Choreographic Piece (minimum 2 skaters; no maximum number of skaters)
  • Both: 1 Solo Choreographic Piece AND 1 Ensemble Choreographic Piece

Q4C Cost

  • $50 for 1 video submission (either solo or ensemble)
  • $75 for 2 video submissions (solo AND ensemble)

Q4C Rules & Requirements

  • Submit video & online registration for Q4C.
  • Video must be a maximum of 4 minutes long (no minimum length).
  • The video must include only your own choreography with no help from professionals or other choreographers.
  • The performer(s) in the video(s) can be yourself and/or other skaters.
  • There are no costume requirements. Any/all attire is permitted; however, black attire is recommended so the movement is easily viewable in the video.
  • Your video must be filmed horizontally (in landscape) in order to qualify.
  • Video editing to splice sections and different angles together is permitted. Video editing to distort, filter, slow down, or speed up footage is not permitted
  • Your video MUST have the music overlaid (mute the original video and overlay the music over it) for better quality viewing and musicality.

Your work will be judged according to the Q4C judging criteria.

Prizes for the Q4C Winner

  • You’ll be honored as the Emerging Solo Choreographer and Emerging Ensemble Choreographer featured at CORE Camp and you will receive:
    • Complimentary flight to the Chicago to attend CORE Camp (for those outside the Chicagoland area) or a stipend of $300 paid directly to you for expenses (if you’re a Chicagoland area resident); plus
    • Opportunity to create an ensemble piece for 5-10 skaters during CORE Camp and to be performed at the CORE Camp Showcase; and
    • $100 off CORE Camp Registration Fee (if you’ve already paid for CORE Camp, you’ll be refunded $100 after May 15).

prizes for q4c runner-up choreographers

  • The Runner-Up Q4C Solo AND Ensemble choreographers will have the opportunity to:
    • Perform a 1.5 minute solo of their work at the CORE Camp Showcase in July

Want more information? Review our YAS & Q4C Frequently-Asked Questions.