Online Courses

American Ice Theatre offers extensive virtual education, online trainings, and certifications for figure skating choreographers and artists.

Our extensive virtual education and training, includes:

  • Join us for the Deep Dive Series in March/April diving in and researching artistic concepts and techniques for choreographers, coaches, and performers;
  • Learn from our FREE Virtual Workshop Summer Series where we have 4 classes throughout the summer for adults & coaches to learn more about dance, movement, and artistry from variety of voices (registration is free);
  • Take one of our online, college-level, certification courses like Master Choreography Techniques, the Professional Mentorship Program, and 6 Ways of the Spine and learn more about the pillars of American Ice Theatre, choreography on ice, and movement philosophies;
  • Connect with Annette Thomas from Ballet for Figure Skaters to learn how to teach Vaganova Ballet technique to figure skaters of all ages and levels.