What’s the difference between Quest for Creativity and Young Artists Showcase?

Both the Young Artists Showcase (YAS) and Quest for Creativity (Q4C) competitions are online, video-based choreography competitions. Both are designed to serve as a platform to foster a community of young figure skating choreographers and increase exposure to contemporary skating and out-of-the-box movements on the ice.

The primary differences between the two competitions are in the age and experience level of the competitors, and in the time commitment involved.

  • YAS applicants are aged 16-45 and have experience and passion for choreography. Typically, the most competitive applicants are on track to become either part-time or full-time figure skating choreographers who want to get more exposure for their work while challenging themselves in an exciting, intensive setting. To compete in YAS requires a significant time commitment: once selected to compete as one of the 6 YAS finalists, they then complete the 5 challenges over 5 weeks.
  • Q4C registrants are younger artists 21 & under who are interested in learning more about figure skating choreography but are unable to commit to a longer competition.

In short, anyone under 21 can choose to submit a video for consideration in Q4C sverige-ed.com. But to compete in YAS, you must be prepared to pull together 5 full pieces of choreo work, film them on a different skaters to create 5 professional videos, and submit those videos by their specified deadlines. Learn more about eligibility and prizes for Young Artists Showcase (YAS) and Quest for Creativity.

What is American Ice Theatre’s involvement with YAS & Q4C?

AIT Co-CEOs, Garrett Kling and Kate McSwain, are both former YAS contestants and originally met through their participation in the early years of Young Artists Showcase. Since 2015, YAS has been on hiatus, so Kling & McSwain approached YAS founder and Olympic Coach Audrey Weisiger about AIT continuing to produce the competition moving forward, with some restructuring, beginning in 2020. Weisiger agreed and she will continue to serve as a mentor throughout the annual competitions.

Can I register for both Young Artists Showcase & Quest for Creativity?

If you’re an applicant under the age of 21 and are selected as one of the 6 finalists for YAS, you are ineligible for Q4C. If you’re under 21 and not selected as a finalist for YAS, you are eligible to submit a video for Q4C.

What equipment do I need to submit my YAS or Q4C videos? 

In order to create high quality videos of your choreography, it is important to consider having a camera with HD functionality. An iPhone will work just fine! Take into consideration how an unstable camera can effect the viewer’s enjoyment of the choreography and consider using a tripod or having a dedicated camera person who can hold the camera still while recording.

What is the judging criteria for YAS & Q4C?

Judges for both Young Artists Showcase (YAS) and Quest for Creativity (Q4C) will consider the same judging criteria:

  • Composition:
    • Clear purpose and idea for choreography
    • Use of time, tempo, music
    • Use of space of body and space of ice
    • Use of diverse energy qualities in movement
    • Use of form of the piece, specifically
      • Clear choices made regarding how the choreo has (or purposefully chooses not to have) a beginning, middle, end, climax, storyline, theme, etc.
  • Execution:
    • Polish/execution of movements performed
    • Performance execution of skater(s)
    • Video quality
    • Music editing
    • Professionalism of all involved
  • Creativity:
    • Interpretation of the music, style and rhythm
    • Innovative movements
    • Innovative use of skaters and/or space
    • Emotional expression of the piece
    • Unique quality of the piece making it original
    • Thinking “outside the box” or beyond your regular style

How does the judging work?

For Young Artists Showcase (YAS), judges will be leaders in the contemporary skating world and elite choreographers. With 4 regular judges each week, and 2 rotating judges, each YAS finalist will receive scores of 1 through 5 stars (including .5 stars) in each category of the judging criteria listed above. A judge’s score from all 3 categories will be the finalist’s total score from that judge every week. At the end of the 5-week competition, the composite score from all challenges will be added together for a final star rating score to determine the grand prize YAS winner for that season.

For Quest for Creativity, a group of experienced dance & skating choreographers and coaches will give points from the 3 categories. Every Q4C choreographer will receive scores of 1 through 5 stars (including .5 stars) in each category of the judging criteria listed above;The composite score from all judges will be added together for a final star rating score to determine the Q4C winner & runners-up for that season.

How do I apply to YAS or register for Q4C?

You can apply for Young Artists Showcase or submit a video for Quest for Creativity.

  • YAS application fees are $95 (or $75 for applicants with a completed YAS Alumni Nomination Form submitted by a YAS alum or former YAS contestant).
  • Q4C registration fees are $50; you can pay through the registration form on the Q4C webpage.

How can I follow the YAS/Q4C competitions this season?

Follow American Ice Theatre on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) to be notified when new videos are uploaded. Please comment, share, and engage with us using these hashtags:

  • Young Artists Showcase: #YAS2023
  • Quest For Creativity: #Q4C2023

How can I support Young Artists Showcase and Quest for Creativity?

Please share the YAS/Q4C videos from this season; the more social media engagement we have, the more exposure for these young skating artists!

You can also donate to American Ice Theatre to support Young Artists Showcase/Quest for Creativity or volunteer for us! We are always looking to make further connections, include brand or corporate sponsorships with our events, offer internships for young artists, and explore ways to grow with new talent and ideas. Contact us to engage with our community further or if you have any additional questions.