Key to Creativity Award

AIT Presents the Annual Key to Creativity Award

The Key to Creativity Award is given to a coach, performer, director, or MCT graduate who supports American Ice Theatre’s vision by working to empower and nurture artistic skating and provide opportunities for education, performance, and/or outreach through AIT’s curriculum and resources.

Origins of the Award

This award was originally created by AIT Director of Grassroots Development, John Mucko, to celebrate the growth of the AIT grassroots series in Rockland, MA with the help of Winterland School’s Program Director, Mary Sullivan. It’s meant to show AIT’s gratitude to the many pioneers who have assisted in the growth of artistic skating.

Through an annual nomination process, the American Ice Theatre Satellite Directors nominate a leader, colleague, or volunteer who has demonstrated their support by opening doors in their own rinks or communities to share American Ice Theatre’s mission, performance opportunities, and educational curriculum. This nominee has taken time to lift up and spotlight AIT by building bridges with rink management, inviting or developing AIT programs, recruiting skaters for educational opportunities, engaging with the global community, and promoting authenticity, innovation, and creativity catálogo.


Criteria for the Award

Candidates who are nominated for the Key to Creativity Award have helped:

  • Develop a class, seminar, camp, performance platform, or series within a skating club, rink, or community that would involve the education, creation, and support of American Ice Theatre programs;
  • Grow this program into a comprehensive experience of the AIT curriculum;
  • Offer a space to showcase an artistic piece reflecting the series exercises, movements, and learnings.


Katie Luburich Key to Creativirty
Katie Luburich (L), 2020 Key to Creativity Award Winner with Kate McSwain and Garrett Kling
Mary Sullivan, 2019 Key to Creativity Award Winner, with John Mucko