Awards & Scholarships


Part of American Ice Theatre’s mission is to nurture authentic contemporary skating by providing opportunities for skating artists to pursue contemporary skating leadership, education, and performance opportunities in their community. Therefore, to promote the continued growth and education of the contemporary skating community, AIT is pleased to present the Ricky Harris Scholarship Award and the Key to Creativity Award.


Ricky Harris is considered the “mother of figure skating choreography” because she was the first “choreographer” separate from the main coach to sit in the ‘Kiss and Cry’ at competitions. In memory of her legacy, AIT sponsors an annual scholarship award for skating choreographer-entrepreneurs who wish to pursue leadership in contemporary skating as well as learn, teach, and perform from the AIT Mentorship Program.

In addition to receiving this prestigious award, the annual winner will receive a $500 travel stipend for AIT educational opportunities so the award recipient can further their education, gaining a deeper understanding of contemporary skating entrepreneurship.

For further details on how to apply for the this prestigious scholarship, please review the Ricky Harris Scholarship Awards page.


The Key to Creativity Award is given to a coach, performer, director, or MCT graduate who supports American Ice Theatre’s vision by working to empower and nurture artistic skating and provide opportunities for education, performance, and/or outreach through AIT’s curriculum and resources. This award – originally created by AIT Director of Grassroots Development, John Mucko – is meant to show AIT’s gratitude to the many pioneers who have assisted in the growth of artistic skating.

Through an annual nomination process, the AIT Satellite Directors nominate a leader, colleague, or volunteer who has demonstrated their support by opening doors in their own rinks or communities to share American Ice Theatre’s mission, performance opportunities, and educational curriculum oglejte si to spletno stran. This volunteer lifts up and spotlights AIT by building bridges with rink management, inviting or developing AIT programs, recruiting skaters for educational opportunities, engaging with the global community, and promoting authenticity, innovation, and creativity.