AIT Mission, Vision & Core Values


American Ice Theatre (AIT) is an artistic figure skating organization working to empower and nurture authentic contemporary skating by providing opportunities for education, performance, and outreach. We achieve our mission through seminars, camps, performances, residencies, apprenticeships, scholarships, and mentoring for skaters of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.


AIT is a global leader in the world of artistic and contemporary figure skating by offering a non-competitive platform for skating artists to create, learn, and perform. We envision skaters everywhere developing a healthy and holistic view of themselves and finding a community of like-minded individuals who will join them in their lifelong skating journey.

Our Core Values

AIT’s core values are inclusion, acceptance, innovation, and authenticity, and we strive for these values to flourish at all AIT events, seminars, and performances.


Everyone has something to share, everyone has something to learn.

AIT promotes contemporary skating as a method of collaboration among beginning skaters, elite skaters, teams, and companies. We seek to break down barriers among these groups so they can invent, create, improvise, share, grow, and learn from one another We strive to offer an artistic-focused trajectory that develops contemporary skating as an art form and works side-by-side with the competitive structure of traditional figure skating — creating healthier, more passionate, and well-rounded skaters in the long term.


Humans first, skaters second.

AIT teaches tools to incorporate mindfulness, build the mind-body connection, develop healthy mental habits, and practice kindness. We want to offer space for skaters to view themselves as authentic and integral contributors of the artistic skating community. Competitive figure skating sometimes produces a culture of elitism, body shaming, and rivalry. AIT promotes acceptance of all abilities, body types, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds.


Be a part of the #ArtisticRevolution.

AIT strives to bring to the ice new ways of moving, interacting, and performing. We aim to push the boundaries of artistic and contemporary figure skating by breaking the traditional structure of “rules,” and instead establishing unconventional and experimental movement philosophies and skating styles. In doing so, we hope to introduce new audiences to this art form via the collaboration between skating, music, and dance.


Core self, core body, core choreo.

AIT believes all skaters can discover and tap into their innate creativity by being open to, and accepting of, their whole selves. Our goal is to foster and nurture that creativity by offering platforms to encourage choreographers, coaches, young skaters, and more mature performers to compose, improvise, innovate, and connect. Embracing this creative collaboration enables skaters to access the maximum potential of their artistic abilities and live their authenticity to its core.