Open an AIT Location

Open, Grow & Direct an AIT Satellite

If AIT’s mission and values resonate with you and you’d like to help develop a local performance company and community of like-minded artists, consider opening an AIT chapter in your area.

Becoming a director of one of our satellite locations is a passion project that requires your skills, energy, and time. But American Ice Theatre is looking to grow, and we would love to partner with you and grow our movement!

2012 AIT Chicago Performance Cast: Garrett Kling, Kate McSwain, Katherine Hill, Sean Marshinski, Maddie Aybar


To become an AIT Director, the pathway will take between 3-4 years minimum, and the requirements are:

Age, Level & Location

  • must be over 21 years old;
  • passed a USFS Senior Gold Standard Track test in MIF, Freestyle, Pairs, or Ice Dance;
  • be located in an metropolitan area that the AIT Leadership Team does not view as a conflict of interest & deems marketable;

AIT Education

AIT Leadership Values & Standards

  • participated in the AIT Director’s meeting at the Professional Skaters Association Annual Summit each May;
  • read the AIT Director’s Handbook, have a clear understanding of AIT’s global programming and events, and sign the AIT Director’s annual contract;
  • completed a 1-year trial period before signing the contract;
  • completed a mock seminar for Co-CEOs, Garrett & Kate after the trial year is finished;
  • maintained all PSA, Safe Skate, and professional coaching insurance and certifications annually;
  • attended required annual AIT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Zoom meetings;
  • demonstrated consistent, clear communication throughout the process;
  • demonstrated follow-through & organization in a variety of ways;
  • presented AIT Leadership with ideas to grow, receive funding, and take ownership of how AIT can develop in their local area;
  • demonstrated leadership and going “above and beyond” in the AIT community and with other Company Directors.

Additional Recommendations

  • committed to staying in the local area for the foreseen future;
  • maintained a network of local guest artists to hire for seminars (on- or off- the ice);
  • recruited skaters regionally (all local seminar registrations are what pay for the Satellite’s annual costs);
  • coached regularly and have students of all ages to recruit for events and performances;
  • maintain access to rinks and relationships with local managers for regular ice rentals.

Please note: AIT Satellite Directors are not paid an annual salary. They are paid only for their teaching time at seminars. All satellite budgets are overseen by the global company cytotec predaj. The profits received from seminar registrations is how a Satellite location stays afloat. The AIT Satellite 1-year trial does not permit Directors to receive any profits (only seminar teaching pay); a fully contracted AIT Satellite Director has the option to take 30% of their Satellite’s profits at the end of each fiscal year.

AIT Boston 2015 Seminar

Getting Started

If you’re interested in opening an American Ice Theatre satellite location in your area — or you want to see how to get more involved and learn to be a leader down the road with AIT through our Professional Mentorship Program — please contact us and let us know. We would be happy to get the conversation started.

We also offer an annual scholarship to interested entrepreneurs of contemporary skating. The Ricky Harris Scholarship Award is given to a recipient every March who wishes to pursue leadership in contemporary skating in their area. Consider applying for this $500 award and continuing the Ricky Harris legacy!

AIT Boston 2018 Performance Company Members: Julia Rapela, Kat Vitaro, Will Blumberg, Gillian Robidas, Jessica Ricketts, Alanna Kubik