Ricky Harris Application

In memory of Ricky Harris — the first choreographer to work exclusively in figure skating — the Ricky Harris Scholarship Award, sponsored by American Ice Theatre, is available to skating choreographers who wish to pursue leadership in contemporary skating and learn from the AIT Mentorship Program. To apply for the Ricky Harris Scholarship Award, candidates must submit this application, their current resume, an essay describing their goals of entrepreneurship in artistic and contemporary skating in their area, and a skating reel video that includes clips of the candidate coaching, performing, giving choreography to students, and/or leading a seminar cz-lekarna.com/. The entire application is due by February 15th. The Founder of American Ice Theatre and mentee of Ricky Harris, Jodi Porter, will select the annual recipient of the Ricky Harris Scholarship Award by March 15th. If you have any questions, please email info@americanicetheatre.org.

All Ricky Harris Scholarship Award applications are due on February 15. If you missed the deadline, please check back next November when we re-open the Ricky Harris application!