Skate With AIT

Contemporary Skating Performance Opportunities

We have occasional performance opportunities around the nation, including at the US Open, and our satellite locations are always growing artistic skating in their communities with performance companies. Our satellite companies have annual performances at local club shows, outdoor rinks, and pop-up events.


American Ice Theatre was honored to present and perform at the 2022 Dick Button Festival of Artistic Skating in Lake Placid, New York Invited by Paul Wiley, organizations in attendance included Ice Theatre of New York, Ice Dance International, The Next Ice Age, Joy Skate Productions, World Figure & Fancy Skating, and American Ice Theatre.

In addition to performing, we gave a presentation that encapsulated all aspects of AIT including our mission & values, global events, and other programming offered. During the on-ice portion of the presentation, participants learned about our 6 Ways of the Spine core body movement philosophy, improvisation techniques, and the importance of vulnerability & authenticity contemporary skating. Check out some moments from the weekend captured by On Ice Perspectives HERE.

Interested in skating with us? We would love to share the joy of contemporary skating with you!

Please submit a virtual audition by sending us a link to a video of your skating and including a brief statement about your interest in, and experience with, contemporary skating, artistic skating, ensemble skating, etc.

Contact us to submit your virtual audition or fill out our AIT Performance Company Interest Form. You can also consider applying for our Ricky Harris Scholarship Award for opportunities to learn, teach, and perform with American Ice Theatre

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