Virtual Education Series

Learn and Engage with AIT’s Free Summer Series or our Deep Dive Winter Series

American Ice Theatre is passionate about connecting coaches together through platforms, and offering affordable learning opportunities for the skating community. We also want to make choreography and contemporary skating education accessible to coaches and adults around the globe. Join us for free in the summer to learn about a variety of topics related to artistic skating, and/or join us in the winter to take a “deep dive” into one specific artistic skating or choreographic topic. See below for more details on both of our Virtual Workshop Series options.

Free adults & coaches Virtual Summer Series

Throughout the summer between June through August, AIT hosts its FREE Coaches & Adults Workshop Series. This virtual education platform is for experts in the fields of choreography, dance, movement, yoga, mindfulness, and mind / body awareness practices to share their knowledge with skating coaches and adults. By offering a variety of classes and styles, this virtual summer series researches the various outlets, tools, and philosophies surrounding artistic skating education.

2023 TUESDAYS LAST SUMMER @ 8:30-10 PM Eastern Time

June 27: Annette Thomas & Ballet for Figure Skaters
Active Stretch – Strength Exercises to Increase Turnout, Stability and Range of Motion
July 18: Sadie Pressman
Investigative Improv: Improvisation Through the Lens of Research
August 8: Preethi Stolpman
Hatha Flow Yoga: Practice for the Root Chakra
August 29: Garrett Kling & Kate McSwain
Foundational Skating Skills + 6 Ways of the Spine

Our Summer Virtual workshops are all free, but we ask all coaches / adults to pre-register by filling out our Free Virtual Summer Series Registration FormAmerican Ice Theatre is passionate about connecting coaches together through platforms, and offering affordable learning opportunities for the skating community. After you’ve completed the form, we will send you a confirmation email with the Zoom details. We will send out the Zoom class recordings to all registered participants!

Our 2023 Coaches and Adults Summer Workshop Series will offer in-depth, virtual sessions from world-class faculty.

Interested in donating to this AIT educational program? We do accept donations if you are interested and able! The recommended rate would be $15 per class. If you choose to donate, you can pay through our Donate & Support webpage.

Deep Dive Series

The Deep Dive Series is a more in-depth research style series of 4 classes between March and April, studying choreographic tools, contemporary skating topics, and/or movement techniques each year. We invite coaches and adults to join us by either registering for all 4 classes for $75, or drop-in to any 1 class for $25.

Deep Dive 2023: Improvisation to Choreography Tools

  • March 14: Setting the Mood – Preparation for Improv
  • March 21: TIME & SPACE Exploration & Intention
  • April 4: ENERGY Exploration & Intention
  • April 18: FORM – How to Turn Improv into Set Choreo

Take a look at our Deep Dive Series registration page to discover what we will be diving into this upcoming winter and the exact dates/times of our classes this year. Whether you’re interested in pursuing choreography as a career, performing as a contemporary skater, or simply honing your movement skills on the ice, these virtual Deep Dive sessions will give you the opportunity to experience hands-on exercises while also learning the basic tools and concepts in the development of artistic skating.

All of our previous Deep Dive Series videos can be purchased for viewing afterwards on our AIT Shop Page.

Please contact if you have any questions in regards to our virtual workshop offerings.

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