AIT Minneapolis / St. Paul

AIT Minneapolis / St. Paul: Company History

In 2019, Garrett formally settled in Minneapolis and founded the AIT MSP satellite. AIT MSP has seasonal seminars, adult specific seminars, community outreach events, and an AIT MSP Performance Company to continue developing the contemporary skating community in the Twin Cities. In summer 2020, Joey Millet was named the AIT MSP Assistant Director.

AIT MSP Director, Garrett Kling, received his AIT Certification in 2012 training under AIT Founder, Jodi Porter. Garrett went on to mentor directly under Jodi while living in Chicago before beginning to conduct seminars in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area in 2016. While professionally performing on tour with Bietak Productions and Holiday on Ice, Garrett maintained AIT training in the MSP area with annual seminars.

In July 2020, AIT MSP named the Assistant Director position to Joey Millet. Joey is a double gold-medalist, technical skills skating coach, and AIT-Certified choreographer. He has trained under the AIT movement philosophy since 2019.

AIT MSP Seminars & Classes 

Our AIT MSP Seasonal Seminar information is coming soon!

For additional information on upcoming seminars and classes, check out our AIT MSP events on the AIT Calendar as well!

AIT MSP upcoming PerformanceS

  • Catch AIT MSP perform at the 2022 Art Shanty Projects on Lake Bde Umna/Lake Harriet Saturday, Jan 15, 2022 and Sunday, 16, 2022!
  • You can also see AIT MSP perform at the following pop up performances around the Twin Cities:
    • Friday, January 28 at 7pm –  Centennial Lakes in Edina
    • Saturday, February 5 at 4pm – Location TBD
    • Sunday, Feb. 20  at 12pm – Location TBD 


  • Join us! To apply to be an AIT Boston Company member for the upcoming season, please fill out the interest form *Requirements: Must be 17 years old and have passed USFS Junior Moves in the Field for Professional Company or 13-16 and passed USFS Novice MIF for Junior Company. For all requirements please read our AIT Performance Company webpage.
  • Our mission is to bring artistic contemporary skating performances to the metro area performing in a variety of venues such as winter carnivals, club shows, and outdoor lakes. AIT MSP is not a competitive USFS ice theatre team.
  • AIT MSP Company members will learn 1-2 choreographic pieces to perform throughout the season. Rehearsals are on an as-needed basis depending on the performance schedule.
  • Review additional information regarding AIT Performance Companies.

If you are interested in joining the AIT Boston Performance Company, please fill out this interest form and we will get back to you cat├ílogo.

AIT MSP Repertoire

  • 2022:
    • 404
      • AIT MSP Professional Company – Choreographed by Garrett Kling / Music by Labrinth / Video by Garrett Kling
      • AIT Professional Company Members: Berlin Sohn Carlson, Christine Brennan, Haley Jostes, Nila Cooper, Joey Millet, Elise Little, Ashley Harris, & Cameron Claire Godfrey
    • Fallin’
      • AIT MSP Junior Company – Choreographed by Joey Millet / Music by Alicia Keys / Video by Garrett Kling
      • AIT Junior Company Members: Grace Matvick, Savannah Joyce, Emily Giese, Ashley Stricker, Megan Bayati
  • 2021:
    • “Sundusk”
      • Choreographed by Kate McSwain / Music by Dardust
      • Junior Company Performers: Grace Matvik, Savannah Joyce, Nila Cooper, and Megan Bayati / Video by Kate McSwain
    • Skating on Lake Owasso
      • Choreographed by Maria Starr / Music by Yebba
      • Professional Company Performers: Izzi Gorowsky, Seebie Baga, Maria Starr, Haley Jostes, Joey Millet, Kate Charbonneau Shurts, Susanna Butler, and Garrett Kling / Video by Ashley Goldstar
  • 2019:
    • “Faith”
      • AIT MSP Professional Company – Choreographed by Garrett Kling
    • “Runaway”
      • Professional Company members: Lauren Anderson, Aili Arnovich, Susanna Butler, Seebie Baga, Christine Brennan, Haley Jostes, Cameron Claire Godfrey, Joey Millet, Kate Charbonneau Shirts
      • AIT MSP Professional Company – Choreographed by Kate McSwain / Music by Ramin Djawadi


  • We welcome any level donations to support our education and performance initiatives for skaters in the Boston area. Please consider visiting our Donate & Support page to see how you can volunteer and support AIT MSP!

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