#ACSFest2023 Registration


The American Contemporary Skating Festival is in Boston, MA from Thursday-Sunday in June 2023. Coaches, choreographers, and professional skaters ages 17+ and Levels Intermediate Standard Track MIF+ are all invited to join us for this incredible experience where “Everyone has something to share, and everyone has something to learn” from the contemporary skating community.

More information and registration for #ACSFest2023 will be coming soon!

The Weekend Choreography Workshop is an opportunity for 5 invited international & professional choreographers to choreograph on assigned groups of participants who “opt-in.” The participants MUST be present for Friday-Sunday to perform with an ensemble. The pieces are choreographed in 5 hours over the course of the weekend (both on-ice and off-ice rehearsals). The Workshop ensembles will perform their pieces at the Festival Showcase on Sunday night. Maximum 10 skaters per ensemble; limited space available – first come, first served.

Please review the payment options at the bottom of this page carefully; T-shirts are an additional $25 this year. We may open up 1-Day registration options based on availability by May 20. Maximum capacity for this event is 72 participants – first come, first served.

We are requiring a 1-hour, virtual Safe Space Community Training (on Zoom) prior to the start of Festival for ALL PARTICIPANTS, LEADERS & CHOREOGRAPHERS. Date and time TBD https://ed-nederland.com/kamagra-100-mg-zonder-recept/. If you do not participate in this mandatory training, we cannot permit you to join the Festival.

For additional details on the event, please review our ACSFest webpage. The Festival will be primarily held at the Warrior Ice Arena this year. If you have any questions regarding the Festival, please reach out directly to us at info@americanicetheatre.org.