Performance Company

Each AIT satellite location has a skating performance company — a group of figure skating artists who rehearse, perform at shows and events, and lead local seminars. Our mission is to bring artistic contemporary skating performances to different major metropolitan areas around the country.

Our American Ice Theatre skating performance companies focus primarily on contemporary skating ensemble choreography. However, there are occasional opportunities for solo performers and/or duets and trios, depending on the event.

AIT Boston 2019 Company (from left to right): Ella Stanwood, Jessica Ricketts, Kat Vitaro, Shayna Smith, Berlin Sohn, Sydney Kosiak, Victoria Craw, Julia Rapela

Each company’s season varies, depending on location:

  • AIT Boston holds its rehearsal and performances from February to June;
  • AIT Minneapolis-Saint Paul‘s rehearsal and performance season is typically from September through May;
  • AIT New York City rehearses weekly from September to May with performances over the holidays; and
  • AIT Chicago rehearses on an as-needed basis for holiday and seasonal performances.


Benefits of Performing with AIT

Being a part of an AIT performance company provides you with great benefits. You can:

  • learn contemporary skating styles as you meet and connect with other contemporary artists in your area;
  • attend a seminar at one of our locations at no cost to learn more about AIT’s artistic mission and movement philosophy; and
  • get a chance to perform locally and build your performance resume.


Join an AIT Contemporary Skating Company

Interested in performing with AIT in one of our skating performance companies? We’d love to skate with you!

To join one of our contemporary skating companies, you must:

  • be over 17 years old;
  • live near one of our AIT satellite locations;
  • have passed at least USFS Junior Moves in the Field;
  • be able to contribute to ice costs for rehearsals. (Your costume costs and performance expenses will be covered by the company.)

Apply now to be an AIT company member at one of our satellite locations! Just fill out this form and submit a video reel to let us know of your interest.