About AIT

What We Do

American Ice Theatre (AIT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to advance contemporary and artistic skating through performance, education, and outreach. We do this through our:

AIT is becoming recognized as a global leader in artistic and contemporary skating as we spread our philosophy of inclusion, acceptance, innovation, and authenticity.

Our mantra is: “Everyone has something to share. Everyone has something to learn.” Learn more about AIT’s Mission & Core Values.

History & Locations

AIT was founded in 2003 in the San Francisco Bay area by Jodi Porter to grow the art of figure skating through performance, education, and mentoring opportunities. Since then, it has grown significantly, with AIT satellite locations in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis.

Each AIT satellite is a “dance on ice” company, with a group of ice dance artists in an ensemble who perform locally. The national and satellite AIT locations strive to work together to create performances and educational opportunities to foster artistic and contemporary skating around the world ed-nederland.com/.

AIT Leadership Team

The AIT leadership team includes:

  • Garrett Kling and Kate McSwain: Co-CEO’s / Executive Directors;
  • Annette Thomas, Founder & Director of “Ballet for Figure Skaters” Education Chair;
  • Jordan Bailey, Director of AIT NYC;
  • Molly Olson Poniatowski, Director of AIT Chicago;
  • Jacqueline Benson, Director of AIT Phoenix;
  • Gillian Robidas, Director of AIT New Hampshire
  • Joey Millet, Assistant Director of AIT MSP;
  • Jimmy Morgan, Assistant Director of AIT Boston;
  • John Mucko, Director of Grassroots Development.