AIT Winter Update

While a lot of us may be dreaming of the sights and smells of springtime, these winter months proved to be a busy and productive time for AIT satellite locations all across the country! Here’s what has been going on with AIT-New York, AIT-Chicago, AIT-Boston, and AIT-Utah.

AIT New York

AIT New York, led by Director Chiquita Limer, had its debut public performance at Lefrak Ice Rink at Prospect Park in Brooklyn this past December. Company members include Limer, Jordan Bailey, Nathalie Borgella, and Ryah Mesch. Check out their performance below to the music “Arrival of the Birds.”

AIT NY also performed at Bryant Park at the end of December. They are planning to participate in the 2019 US OPEN Championships in Palm Springs, California. They have created a GoFundMe campaign to help with travel and ice time costs.

AIT Chicago

While the unbearable polar vortex freezing spell unfortunately led the cancellation of the AIT Chicago show on Jan. 26 show at Wrigley Field, the company just finished performing January 19 at the Arboretum of South Barrington Ice Rink and is planning future performances at Millenium Park.

This season’s company members include Kayla Grayson, Angela Como, Manol Atanassov, Shaheen Bronkowski, and Cordero Zuckerman. AIT Chicago Director Molly Olson Poniatowski is partnering with ‘Ballet for Figure Skaters’ Certification Graduate Angela Como to conduct local workshops in the Chicago area.

AIT Boston

In Boston, AIT Co-Director Kate McSwain explored new spaces for the new year with AIT-Certified Choreographer Anne Goldberg in a winter seminar leading skaters through contemporary movement and improvisation on and off the ice.

The AIT Boston company began its season on Sunday, January 27 as skaters from all over the Boston area participated in a “Meet and Greet” to learn about the piece for the season entitled, “Doomed.” They will also have the chance to look over their contracts, the season rehearsal schedule, and the season performance schedule as the new company season takes off.

Pictured above are the 2018 AIT Boston Company Skaters: Will Blumberg, Amanda Greel, Sydney Kosiak, Alanna Kubik, Julia Rapela, Jessica Ricketts, Gillian Robidas, and Kat Vitaro who performed the piece “Turn to Stone” in over 7 locations in the Greater Boston and New Hampshire areas last spring. This past summer, On Ice Perspectives filmed the piece — check out the video below!


Boston will again be the host of the third annual Contemporary Skating Festival June 6-9. Join us for a transforming weekend full of collaboration, exploration and improvisation!

You can sign up to attend the festival, lead a workshop, and perform in our Sunday showcase. Learn more about the American Contemporary Skating Festival.

AIT Utah

Moving westward, AIT Utah had a busy winter season filled with 35 performances. They wrapped up their outdoor winter show series at Gallivan Ice Arena on February 9 with the show “Across the Universe, An Ice Spectacular.”

Guest performers included Ashley Clark, Daimion Davis, Kendrick Weston, Andrew Lee and Mitchell Friess. Brynne Roberts also debut her new short program choreographed by AIT Utah Director Stephanie Bass.

AIT Utah also celebrates the successes of two of their company members, Reny Doyle and Isabella Brearton, who received their first professional contracts with Disney On Ice and Holiday On Ice respectively. This past summer AIT Utah also sent a performance group to Sun Valley to compete in the annual Pro Skaters Open and placed a respectable third place and received the Show Girl award.