2021 Core Camp Coach Registration

Coaches with 4 or more skaters registered for in-person CORE Camp can attend or observe all CORE Camp classes for free OR if the coach has 1 skater attending either the virtual or in-person experience of CORE Camp 2021, they can attend the virtual experience for free. If the coach does not have any skaters attending – or fewer than 4 for in-person or fewer than 1 for virtual – it is a $40 per day fee to participate. All coaches must register below. Out-of-state coaches must show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 48 hours of arrival to Camp.

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Coaches receive complimentary registration for CORE Camp when there are 4 more or more students attending the in-person camp. If you qualify for this option, you will not need to register for payment and you can omit selecting a payment option. However, you will still need to submit this form and list your 4 students who are attending.