Photos from “Let’s Dance”

All action photos by Grace Wiley, red carpet shots by Liz Hansen

Aimee Evans skates in the opening number “Reflexion” choreographed by Jodi Porter.
The Cast of “Let’s Dance” performs the finale number by Adam Blake’s choreography
©GraceWiley©AmericanIceTheatre059 (1)
Stephanie Chace Bass, Yebin Mok and Mauro Bruni skate to the choreography of Bruni.

Show producer Jodi Porter Haller and emcee & Young Artists Showcase founder Audrey Weisiger
Kate McSwain skates to a self-choreographed piece by the music of Rusted Root.
Rohene Ward skates to “Path of Solace” choreographed by himself and Deneane Richburg
AIT 20
Cast of Let’s Dance (photo by Liz Hansen)
Ryan Bradley, Porter, Weisiger and Jason Brown (photo by Liz Hansen)
Guest star Ryan Bradley
Guest star Ashley Clark
Zabato Bebe skates to the self-choreographed piece “Try Again”
YAS artist Allison Merges skates to The Piano Guys’ rendition of “Someone Like You”
Eve Chalom skates to a piece choreographed by Ashley Duenas to “Butterfly Lovers”
Guest star Paige Rydberg
Ami Parekh skates to “Feelin’ Good” – choreography by Molly Olsen
Stephanie Chace Bass & Ami Parekh skate to “Day Dreamer” choreographed by Garrett Kling
Mauro Bruni skates to “Steppin’ Out” choreographed by Mark Hanretty
Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Guiletti-Schmitt perform “All of Me” choreographed by Robert Mauti
Anna Cobb skates to “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Adele
Adam Blake performs “Love is the Drug” choreographed by Katherine Hill
Ryan Santee skates to “The Cascades” by Scott Joplin, choreographed by Madeline Stammen
Izzi Gorowsky skates to the self-choreographed piece “Mad World”
Yebin Mok skates to a self-choreographed piece “Tchinares”
Stephanie Chase Bass & Mauro Bruni perform “Reflexion”
“Madness” by Ice Art, choreographed by Amber Van Wyk

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