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CORE Camp Group Photo

The first annual CORE Camp took place July 18-20 at RecPlex Arena in Pleasant Prairie, WI with 80 skaters developing the mind-body connection through contemporary and artistic skating.

During the course of the three days, skaters took part in classes ranging from on-ice edge class, transitions, improv, expression, choreography and off-ice dance classes including hip-hop, modern, ballet as well as yoga and mindfulness.

Presenting to parents, family and friends, the skaters performed a Showcase on Saturday, July 20 with each group presenting improv exercises they had developed over the course of the weekend.

AIT’s 2019 Emerging Choreographer Liadan Emmert also presented a group piece staged on herself and four other CORE campers including Sammie Lichttenegger, Rebecca Cacioppo, Ben Jones, Christine Brennan, and Elsa Wagnon.

Liadan Ensemble


The grand finale featured all the campers on the ice, performing a group number to “Not with Haste” by Mumford and Sons. The piece, choreographed by Garrett Kling, was taught and performed in one day’s time.


The camp provided a coaches seminar component on Saturday, July 20. Rachael Flatt spoke about her relationship with her coaches over the course of her career evolved throughout her development, elite and retirement stages of her career. As a group, she discussed the importance of being an advocate for your skaters, effective communication and rapport-building.

Denise Myers shared her insights on developing a holistic athlete – from the technical, artistic and mental development of the skater. She stressed how her perseverance brought her to where she is in her career, and that surrounding herself with a strong team of people was essential in the success of her athletes.


Kate McSwain & John Mucko finished off the day with a joint parents & coaches discussion on opportunities for skaters beyond competition and in contemporary skating and the show world.

A big shout out to our staff and faculty:

CORE Camp Head Coordinators: Kate McSwain & Garrett Kling

RecPlex Skating Director: Katie Luburich

Ice Manager: Brian Luburich


  • Angela Como, Professional Skater and Teaching Assistant for Ballet for Figure Skaters
  • Rachael Flatt, U.S. National Champion / World Competitor / Olympic Competitor
  • Garrett Kling, AIT Co-Executive Director / PSA Master-Rated & AIT-Certified Choreographer
  • Kate McSwain, AIT Co-Executive Director / PSA Master-Rated & AIT-Certified Choreographer
  • Sean Marshinski, National-Level Technical & Skating Skills Coach
  • John Mucko, PSA Master-Rated & AIT-Certified Choreographer
  • Molly Olson Poniatowski, AIT-Certified Choreographer
  • Carey Tinkelenberg, National-level Master-Rated Coach
  • Annette Thomas, Director of Ballet for Figure Skaters/Certified Instructor of Authentic Vaganova Methodology for classical ballet
  • Cordero Zuckerman, International-level Choreographer & Performer

Our coaches presenting at our Coaches Seminar:

Counselors: Caitie Fortune, Leah Popp, Rachel Williamson, Abigail Berkowitz, Maddie Aybar, and Joey Millet

Special thanks to the Cutting Edge Figure Skating Club & The Southport FSC for their generous lunch donation and to head volunteer Julie Lichttenegger read full report.


Stay tuned later this year for our #CoreCamp2020 announcement!


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