AIT Winter Update 2022

Deep Dive Series Is Back

The Deep Dive Series, a more in-depth research style series of 4 classes, will focus this year on IJS Choreo Tools for singles skating. Join us as we share tips and tricks to create interesting and creative programs all the while making the most out of the scoring system. Guest Technical Specialists and a Judge will also join us for some of the sessions!

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We will meet on Tuesday evenings on the following dates: Feb 22, March 8, March 15, and March 29. We invite coaches and adults to join us by either registering for all 4 classes for $75, or drop-in to any 1 class for $25.

You can also purchase last year’s 2021 Virtual Deep Dive Series’ Zoom recorded videos for “Ensemble Choreo Tools,” at our AIT Shop for $75.

CORE CAMP Registration Now Open

AIT’s summer artistic figure skating training camp helping skaters develop the “Mind-Body-Movement Connection” will again take place at the RecPlex Ice Arena on Thursday, July 21 – Saturday, July 24 with an extra “Cool Down” on Sunday, July 25 for skaters Intermediate MIF+ and ages 13+.

Registration is now open with early bird registration closing on Thursday, March 31.

Coaches Registration is also available. Coaches with 4 or more skaters registered for CORE Camp can attend or observe all CORE Camp classes for free. Coaches who do not have any skaters attending – or fewer than 4 – will pay $40 per day fee to participate. 

Scenes from AIT’s Inaugural Contemporary Skating Showcase

AIT hosted its first annual “Contemporary Skating Showcase” in Minneapolis on Saturday, December 11. Performances included the AIT MSP Professional & Junior Companies, AIT Boston, AIT NYC, AIT Chicago representative Alex Martin, AIT MSP performer Elise Little & AIT Phoenix Director Jacqueline Benson, AIT MSP performer Cameron Claire, AIT MSP Assistant Director Joey Millet, and special guests Wren Warne-Jacobsen and the Northernettes Junior Synchro team.

We are excited to continue to grow this showcase and bring it back for a bigger show in December 2022!

New Season of Young Artists Showcase Starts Saturday, April 2

Applications for the new season of YAS were due January 31 and will be announced in mid-February. Our YAS Selection Committee picking the six finalists include Jeremy Abbott, Nathan Birch, Cara Hagan, Sarah France and Madelene van Beuzekom.

Our guest judges, weekly judges and special guest stars will be announced soon!

Catch all the action of the competition which will be shown on AIT’s YouTube Channel each Saturday from April 2 – April 30, 2022.

Make sure to watch #YAS2022 Challenge #1, “The Star Challenge” on Saturday, April 2 with skating celebrities: Ashley Wagner, Mae Maite, Polina Edmonds, Kaitlyn Weaver, and Jeremy Abbott!

If you’d like to catch up on last season’s YAS competition, head over to your YAS 2021 YouTube Playlist.


The 2022 American Contemporary Skating Festival in Boston is set for Thursday-Sunday, June 9-12, 2022. Registration will be available after March 1; we will limit capacity for the event this year first come, first served basis. To learn more about the festival, check out our trailer for ACSFest on YouTube.

Upcoming Winter Seminars

If you are in or around any of these locations, we invite you to check out these upcoming AIT Seminars:

AIT MSP at the Art Shanty Projects

AIT MSP performed at the 2022 Art Shanty Projects on Lake Bde Umna from January 15-16, 2022. The performance was directed by AIT MSP Director Garrett Kling and performed by AIT MSP Performers Joey Millet, Cameron Claire, Liz Lehtola and Lea Kalisch.

The Art Shanty Projects is a four-weekend winter art festival on a frozen lake in the Twin Cities. Artists create temporary structures and interactive, engaging art experiences and performances, turning a barren, frozen lake into a vibrant, colorful winter village.

AIT Chicago Winter Performances

AIT Chicago has had a busy performing schedule this winter with shows in Rosemont and Wrigley Fields Gallagher Way over the holiday season. AIT Chicago is under the direction of AIT Chicago Director Molly Olson Poniatowski with company members including Angela Como, Chelsea Ridley, Lauren Leonesio, Kayla Grayson, Ami Parekh, Ania Malgorzata Biernat and Kat Kirkpatrick.

Theatre on Ice Demo Video

AIT produced the 2021-22 Theatre on Ice CE Demo Video demonstrating the choreographic processes of acceleration and flocking. Big thanks to all the skaters who took part in this video including Maddie Aybar, Isaac Lindy, Abby Pierce, Brooklee Han, Gretchen Donlan, Johanna Geary, Amanda Greel, Toby Evett, and Jimmy Morgan. Choreographed by Garrett Kling, Kate McSwain and Maddie Aybar.

Catch up on AIT IG Virtual Classes

Lauren J Williams

Did you know that twice a month we offer a free IG Live classes featuring an AIT special guest artist as well as Yoga guru, Lauren J. Williams.

The 2nd Sunday of each month incudes a choreographed combo and on the last Sunday, Lauren leads a yoga flow.

You can catch our next classes and make sure to follow us on IG to find out when the next class will be!