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To offer the most engaging experience and to foster more authentic virtual conversations, we are limiting the size of the group who can participate in each session. Please read through ALL of the “Virtual Meetup” Session Descriptions (link below) BEFORE selecting your top 5 preferred sessions. We will do our best to honor your preferences as we assign everyone to 2 available sessions from among your top choices. Capacity for some sessions is extremely limited, and we will fill available slots on a first-come, first-served basis.

What Exactly is Contemporary Skating?
Garrett Kling & Elisa Siegmund

United States & Germany

Are you brand new to the contemporary skating movement? Are you curious to learn more about what exactly this world is? Join us for a deep-dive session on the history, ideas, and philosophy behind contemporary skating. Along the way, we will lead participants through movement and improvisation exercises providing tools for participants to develop their own approach to contemporary skating.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT.** Awareness in Movement: Exploring Somatic Practices
Maja Luther & Philipp Tischendorf
Ice Theatre of London

This session will be a guided movement discovery and improvisation. Drawing from movement principles in relation to nervous system health as well as the Skinner Releasing Technique you are invited to discover your internal sensations while moving in and out of the floor.

Base of Support: How Classical Ballet Foot Training Forms the Foundation for Movement
Kate McCall & Sara Knowles
Calgary Ice Cinema & Ballet for Figure Skaters

Being out of our skates gives us a great opportunity to feel how the muscles that control the feet affect movement. We’ll explore foot movement through techniques from the Ballet for Figure Skaters method, explore anatomy teaching tools, and connect to differentiated instruction and Universal Design for Learning theories in education.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT.** The Creative Process Through Mindfulness
Line Haddad & Isaac Lindy
United States

How do mindfulness, observation and visualization intersect with the choreographic process? In this seminar, we will explain our personal approaches to generating choreography both on and off the ice. Through mindfulness and observation-based movement exercises and group discussion, participants will more deeply develop their mind-body connection as well as their understanding of how keen observation of our surroundings (and ourselves!) can be used as inspiration for movement.

Guided Meditation & Energy Sources in Improvisation
Chiquita Limer & Jordan Bailey
American Ice Theatre
United States

In this class, we will dive into your inner energy sources through guided meditation followed by a guided improvisation.

Reflections & Explorations: Changing Perspectives in Relation to the Ice & Skating
Stefanie Olbort & Giulia Isceri

We will dig into an exploration of the physical and emotional awareness of a change in relation to the ice and skating. A change that is personal to our individual experience: whether it be the shift from competitive skating into show skating; recreational skating into contemporary skating; or any shift in our perspective regarding ourselves in the midst of the ice and skating.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT.** Breath to Movement: Breathe & Transform from the Inside Out
Katja Grohmann & Vitale Vaugin

From inside to outside, we will study somatic approaches as choreographic practices. The sensations of your body will transmit to actions. Breathe, feel, and transfer your emotions into new movements and dance.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT.** Moving Memory: Creative Movement Based on Memories
Isabelle Ragnarsson & Sophie Blomqwist
Ice Theatre of Stockholm

We will guide you through a creative movement research workshop based on memories. Reflective improvisation methods to explore our ability to connect mind and body in movement and creation. First we will do individual research followed by connecting to the group as we share our experiences together. Bring your body, mind and a pen and paper!

Innovation & Storytelling Within Contemporary Skating Performances
Madelene van Beuzekom
Entertainment on Ice
The Netherlands

Founder of Experiment on Ice and Entertainment on Ice, Madelene van Beuzekom will host an interactive discussion about innovation and experimentation within the creation of bodies of work. We will talk about implementing other art forms in contemporary skating. In addition, we’ll dive deeper into your internal motivation as a contemporary skater and how this stands in relation to the storytelling of your work.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT.** Movement as Medicine: Remembering / Being / Becoming
Ashley Wyatt
United States

A wonder filled journey of how dance and free movement can positively affect one’s emotional well-being and limbic system. We will combine yoga, ecstatic dance, and free-movement improvisations to expand your inner consciousness and manifest outward creativity.

Removing the White Mask: A Lesson in Focus & Presence During Performance
Laura Seal & Ian Lorello
The Next Ice Age
United States

In this course we will discuss the nature of the mind and body’s reactions in competition and professional shows, presenting exercises and tools that you can use to stay focused during performance and prevent auto-pilot from taking over the spirit of your work.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT** Tools for Contemporary Composition
Jenn Edwards & Philip McDermott

We will start by guiding participants through an improvised warm-up, exploring internal physical tasks as well as taking inspiration from the architecture of their home environment. Then we’ll go into composition exercises and assigned tasks, leading to the creation of a short solo by the end of the session. These tasks are designed to push skaters to move in ways they’ve never tried before, giving them new tools and frameworks for movement composition that can eventually be taken onto the ice.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT.** Skate 360: Interpretation & Performance Through Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis
Doug Webster
Ice Dance International
United States

The Skate 360 classes are a way to build and refine skills, think outside of the box,and grow your skating vocabulary. This class will include explorations of Laban & Bartenieff Movement Analysis and their application to skating.

Take a SIP of Creativity: Space, Intention, & Projection
Elin Schran & John Mucko
Joy Skate Productions
United States

Space: we will learn to use the space around you, understand that the environment is an important element of choreography. Intention: we will give weight and energy to your movement. Each gesture must enrich the story you are telling. Projection: learn methods that bring a stage-worthy quality to your movement. Even the smallest postural change can be eective when done with the right intensity and energy.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT.** Unfiltered Thought Process in Creation
Adam Blake
Ice Cold Combos
United States


A session where creatives will get a megaphone into my head as I am creating and problem solving — unfiltered with thoughts regarding choices, internal feelings that cover the immediate self-doubt/confidence spectrum that plague us all, and where those choices may lead you.

**THIS SESSION IS SOLD OUT.** Journaling Through Movement Creation
Elladj Balde & Michelle Dawley
Skate Global Inc.

We will discover new ways to create and move using journaling techniques!

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